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Uss Alabama


This is the Uss Alabama a PBem based rpg. Its is set in the Star Trek Universe and is a proud part of Bravo Fleet in Task Force 58!!


Welcome to the Uss Alabama a name who's history is traced all the way back to the Civil War!!


Current Mission!!
 Commodore Michael Stryfe assumed command of Task Wing Beta of Task Force 58 Bravo Fleet. On the way to Fardellus the crew of the Uss Alabama is preparing to do a complete initiation for the Fardellians into the Federation as as a Federated anet in the United Fleet of Planets. Star Fleet is at a point of working them in as an outpost with a space station and marine base upon the moon as well as keeping a few star ships in that general location!!

Unknown Gem Type: tlx.bravenet.counter


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